Theft And Property Offences Require Smart Legal Guidance

Theft and other property offences are common charges, but make no mistake, the penalties for these crimes can have serious long-term consequences. We understand that these charges often stem from a misunderstanding or a one-time loss of good judgment. We work to minimize the impact of an arrest for theft or other property offences.

In many cases, teenagers and preteens face shoplifting or other property offence charges. We have extensive experience and success representing minors who face criminal charges.

Our focus in these cases, whether the accused is a minor or an adult, is to prevent a conviction from going on the individual's record. Sometimes, this can be accomplished by clarifying what occurred and negotiation to have the charges dismissed or diverted may involve community service or attending counseling.

We Provide Personalized Attention

If the accused already has a criminal record, it is even more important to work with an experienced criminal defence lawyer who understands the options that are available. Property offences encompass a wide range of charges including theft, fraud, breach of trust, breaking and entering, or mischief. Every case has unique facts that help determine the most effective course of action.

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