The Penalties For Regulatory Offences Are Severe

It Is Critical To Have Experienced Defence Counsel In Your Corner

Not all legal charges involve the Criminal Code. Licensed professionals such as doctors and nurses, teachers, financial service professionals, lawyers and accountants are subject to regulatory laws that are not part of the Criminal Code. There also are a number of municipal acts, sometimes known as "quasi-criminal legislation," that govern environmental regulations, financial regulations and more.

A professional who is accused of violating rules or a business accused of committing regulatory offences faces serious penalties that can end a career. Similarly, a corporate officer or director of a company may be held liable for offences by a company under statutes that regulate the company or industry.

Depending upon the offence and the governing body, prosecutions may take place in a courtroom and presided over by judges or in front of a regulatory board comprised of an expert or panel of experts in the particular profession.

Why A Criminal Defence Lawyer Makes Sense

Although these cases are handled differently than criminal matters, it is wise to enlist the services of an experienced criminal defence lawyer who can bring the same strong advocacy to your regulatory or administrative matter that is necessary to successfully defend criminal cases. The lawyers at V. Singh Professional Corporation have extensive experience defending a wide range of regulatory offences throughout the Niagara region.

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