Border Offences Cannot Be Taken Lightly

Traffic across the U.S.-Canadian border is closely monitored, which results in numerous arrests for a wide range of offences. Often, Americans who don't realize Canada has strict gun laws fail to properly declare firearms when they cross the border and end up facing charges.

There are also a number of arrests at the border for drug smuggling, and immigration offences, or Customs Act offences. At V. Singh Professional Corporation, our lawyers represent Canadians, Americans and foreign nationals who face criminal charges in Canada stemming from an arrest by the Canada Border Services Agency or any other border authority.

We will respond promptly, work to obtain your release if you are being held by authorities, and carefully review the charges against you in order to develop an effective legal response. There is a growing lack of tolerance for border crimes, so it is important to take all charges seriously.

If you have been arrested at the border, call 289-273-4078 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.