Knowledgeable Representation In Bail Hearings Will Help Secure Your Freedom

If you are being held for bail following an arrest, or if you have a loved one who is being held by police, the immediate concern is gaining his or her freedom. The criminal defence lawyers at V. Singh Professional Corporation are available to assist in the bail court everyday of the week including weekends and holidays.

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Why It's Important To Work With A Lawyer When Posting Bail

At a bail hearing the decision of whether or not to release an individual on bail will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Any past criminal record
  • The seriousness of the charges
  • The likelihood that the accused may commit additional offences if released
  • The ability of the person to be to monitored in the community

It is important to enlist the services of a lawyer who is familiar with the bail process and who can present an effective argument for securing the accused's release on bail.

V.J. Singh have successfully assisted clients with bail proceedings on charges of all natures. By producing these results for over 20 years, V.J. Singh has earned himself the nickname "Bail King." In bail hearings, as with criminal trials themselves, the right lawyer can be the difference between securing your release or remaining incarcerated.

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