Your Experienced Advocate For Criminal Charges Throughout The Niagara Region

At V. Singh Professional Corporation in St. Catharines, we provide experienced and knowledgable representation against the full spectrum of charges including criminal, quasi-criminal, and regulatory matters:

Offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, such as:

  • Theft, assault, mischief, break and enter, robbery, impaired driving, driving while disqualified, breaches, etc.
  • A large portion of our practice deals with domestic related matters and because of this we have a strong grasp of how the local Courts deal with these types of charges

Offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, such as;

  • Possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, production, importation, etc.
  • We professionally handle a substantial amount of cases involving search warrants or warrantless searches by police, and we take pride in our success and understanding of the law in this area.

Offences under the Youth Criminal Justice Act for young persons aged 12-17.

  • As an established practice in the Niagara Region we work closely with local community organizations like Pathstone, Port Cares and Youth Resources Niagara to assist our youth clients through the criminal justice process.

Offences under any Ontario Statute, including the Highway Traffic Act, Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

  • We appear regularly in Court to represent our clients with their driving offences including speeding, driving under suspension and driving without insurance.

Offences under any other Federal Act, including Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Customs Act, Income Tax Act, and other related offences.

  • The diversity of our clientele has allowed us to gain a multitude of experience in these areas of law and knowledgably assist those clients whose status in Canada may be in jeopardy due to their charges.
  • As well being located in a border community has allowed us to gain much familiarity with numerous cases involving clients who have been arrested at the Queenston, Rainbow, or Peace Bridges.
  • These charges often include smuggling or firearm offences involving American citizens.

Additionally for individuals who have been recently arrested we respond promptly to all bail hearings in order to help individuals who have been gain their release as soon as possible while their case is pending before the Courts.

Humanizing Criminal Defence

Our clients are more than a file to us. We will invest the time to learn about your situation, review any past arrests and discuss your options. Our clients appreciate our honest approach and our candid explanation of what they might expect as an outcome in their case.

We have a number of payment options for your convenience, accepting all forms of payment, including debit cards, credit cards, electronic payments and reasonable payment plans.